Friday 19 February 2016

Recent Beauty Favourites

Hey my lovelies!

Beauty products are essential to my life and since there might be a few of you that are looking for some products to try out, I thought that I would tell you about some of my recent favourites.

Enjoy perusing sweethearts, you might just find your new love!


P.S. Update - I finally got my own camera!!! Now my pictures will be clear and super detailed! All hail the death of fuzzy images!! (*Hurrah*)
Carli Bybel Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette

Carli Bybel is one of my biggest inspirations in terms of makeup, hair, lifestyle, just everything! Last year in May, I was able to attend BeautyCon London with my sister (The Skinny Hot Choc) and we both had the opportunity to meet Carli and her gorgeous boyfriend Brett. It was honestly a dream come true and I wouldn't trade that moment for anything.

I am a definite supporter of whatever Carli does and that includes this eyeshadow and highlight palette that she created with BH Cosmetics. The shades that are featured are incredibly pigmented and offer any make-up lover with the right colours to create everything from fresh, natural looks to fierce, dramatic looks!

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in '03'

I freaking looooove this lipstick, it's absolutely stunning! I have tried a fair few of the Rimmel London lipsticks but not any of those from the Kate Moss range. Thankfully, the selection consists of effortless looking shades, especially the one featured in the image above - it suits me perfectly so much so that you may be seeing it in another post soon.

Rimmel Lipstick in 'Asia'

The weird thing about this product is that I had a Rimmel London lipstick that had the exact same name as this one but looked...well...slightly different. I really like this shade but find it a little heartbreaking that it's not an exact replica of the original lipstick in 'Asia'. Anywho, I can safely say that this lipstick has been accepted into my recent favourites simply for the darker plum-like colour!
Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

I'm not entirely sure but this might just be the hidden secret behind those gorgeous, glowy winter looks seen all over the social media platforms! This Revolution eyeshadow palette features a range of nude matte shades that successfully build up to Hollywood worthy shades that shimmer in the sunlight, allowing you to create dreamy new looks!
Mini Benefit Cosmetics

These products by Benefit are so small and cute, they fit perfectly in my pocket - they're adorable! The 'Gimme Brow' in Light/Medium is a must-have for when I do my brows simply because it makes my brows look natural and feathered rather than heavy or as if they've been painted on. The 'They're Real!' mascara, however, is the secret to those voluminous lashes that many of us aim for - what more could you want?!

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