Monday 19 December 2016

Autumn/Winter Outfits 2016

Hey lovelies!

This post, every couple of seasons, always takes the longest to compilate but that's not to say that it comes without its fun. I love being able to browse the Topshop website and see what new pieces they have to offer. Autumn and Winter, being the coldest seasons of the year, present their own challenges with regards to finding new and improved ways of keeping warm whilst remaining in a stylish mood.

Hopefully you'll be able to take some inspiration from the outfits that I have created for you and who knows, maybe you'll be sporting some of these pieces yourself. Also, why not strategically place a few of the items on a list to give to a friend or family member, just in time for Christmas haha!


P.S. Let me know in the comment section down below which outfit/item was your favourite = mine was the outfit I created for Wednesday, so effortlessly cool!


From Left: 1. Double Breasted Slouch Coat, 2. Courtney Top TFNC, 3. Courtney Skirt TFNC, 4. Side Zip Shopper Bag, 5. Risky Sandals.
We all like to begin our week with an outfit that sets the tone for the next five working days. If, by chance, you're struggling to find one that does just that then you're in luck! The Courtney top and matching skirt make it easier for you and your brain on a Monday morning by piecing your look together for you. The heels add that right level of chic without taking the focus away from the double breasted coat and oh-so-stylish bag. I'm not much of a heel wearer myself but I can't resist a good pair of killer black shoes!


From Left: 1. Crinkle Velvet Longline Blazer, 2. Loulia Top by TFNC, 3. Cashmere Scarf, 4. Tuxedo Suit Trousers, 5. Winged Pocket Shopper Bag, 6. Renee Suede Sandals.

I'm sorry but isn't this velvet coat just the coolest thing?! My newfound love for this mightily smooth fabric has got me stopping at every clothes rack just in case I find some velvet item peeking through but hey, since it's a trend right now, there's no harm in indulging in a few pieces right? I thought so! Anywho, this all-black outfit just screams fancy and I think we can all do with a bit of that. Imagine being invited to an elegant dinner tomorrow and not being able to find the right clothes in my wardrobe to actually make a good enough impression...this outfit is definitely a must!


From Left: 1. Mono Loop Cardigan by Glamorous, 2. Clean Bar Clutch, 3. Wolf Choker T-Shirt by Tee & Cake, 4. Commander Glitter Flatform Trainers, 5. Moto Graffiti Print Mom Jeans.
I can just picture myself wearing this outfit in Downtown LA (not that I'll be there any time soon) with the artsy vibes and coffee shops all around me. I'm not a fan of coffee but I've always wanted to go on a coffee date and just picturing one of those scheduled in for 2:30pm on a Wednesday sounds about right. Everything about this outfit mirrors how I want to dress whenever I'm craving that edginess that models exude in their "off-duty" looks. The jeans are so unique and paired with the choker t-shirt and platforms, I can just see the chilled afternoon that this look could bring me. The final touches are completed by the fluffy cardigan and gorgeous clutch bag but I'm going to have to stop there otherwise I'll keep raving about this outfit...congratulations if you've gotten this far in my description for this look!


From Left: 1. Sheer Panel Blazer Dress, 2. Long Sleeve Twist Front Crop Top, 3. Tonal Pom Beanie, 4. Moto Bleach Fringe Hem Jamie Jeans, 5. Glasgow Mini Backpack, 6. Killer Studded Boots.
Did someone say shopppppping?! This outfit would be perfect for a casual day of shopping either by yourself or with a few of your friends. There is nothing better than being able to browse the stores feeling comfortable and totally relaxed in your own clothes. I know from my experience, having shoes that hurt my feet or wearing jeans that are just too tight can ruin the entire trip so instead opt for a simple crop top, light blue jeans, a cute beanie, studded boots and a lightweight coat. I also chose the mini backpack because I like to have my hands free whenever I go out but this is just a personal preference of mine.


From Left: 1. Tie Side Blazer Dress, 2. Lace Up Flippy Dress, 3. Black Cross Body Bag (Similar), 4. Maggie Court Shoes.
Date night is always a fab night! I love being able to dress up and wear something a little more fancy, especially if it's for an occasion as special as this one. Black is definitely my go-to colour for outfits like these because it adds that level of class to make anything elegant and beautiful - that's probably why every item featured here is in black! The dress and shoes are absolutely adorable and I couldn't help but put them together for this post. The blazer, although labelled as a dress, can definitely be worn as a coat that offers a chill, sexy vibe for those late evening walks.


From Left: 1. Hairy Slouch Coat, 2. Sheer Peg Leg Jumpsuit, 3. Black Quilted Bag by Marc B, 4. Risky Metallic Sandals.
It's Christmaaaaaaaaaas!!!! What better time for a party than the most festive day of the year?! Christmas parties are always a lot of fun and whether you're having or attending one leading up to Christmas, you should be sure to get in that celebratory mood with a classic black jumpsuit and a gorgeous fluffy coat. The heels certainly make a statement but as with everything remotely shiny or glittery, we always have an excuse for them at this time of year!


From Left: 1. Branded Loungewear Hoodie, 2. Grey Logo Cap by Calvin Klein, 3. Branded Loungewear Joggers, 4. Henry Double Bar Tote Bag, 5. Temp Metallic Slip On Trainers.
Sunday is the day of rest and what's better to rest in than an oh-so-cosy hoodie and jogging bottoms. If I could wear this all day I would but unfortunately there are some things in my life that require a little more effort haha. I added the hat, shoes and bag in case you wanted to leave the comfort of your own home and run a few errands.

All Images: Topshop.

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