Wednesday 29 August 2018

The NV Holiday Diaries: Changing Perceptions and Body Acceptance

Hey lovelies!

Welcome back to The NV Holiday Diaries! I wasn't sure if there was going to be a second part to this particular holiday segment but I found myself wanting to talk about a few things that are always of concern or importance with body confidence and acceptance, so here goes...

I think that it's so amazing how opinions can change over the course of a year! Whilst I'm not entirely pleased with my body, (well who ever is?), I've found that sometimes it's the positive opinions of others that can help you grow to love aspects of yourself that you didn't think to appreciate before.

The key thing to remember with this, in addition to firstly appreciating the body you've been given, is to surround yourself with people who build you up and love the aspects that you dislike about yourself. If you choose to put these two things together, then you've got a recipe for success! I completely understand that often, when you're in the thick of it, thinking that you need to have thin thighs, small hips, big boobs, or a curvy butt for you to be respected by your friends, liked by a special someone or validated as a beautiful person can make loving yourself and enjoying what you like more difficult than it really needs to be.

There are three ways around this -

1. Choose To Ignore Your Inner Demons:

This is a hefty one to complete because of the emotional/mental work that you have to put into accepting your body. I know for myself that I'm not exceedingly happy with my hips or stomach because they need a bit of toning up and tightening here and there, something that a little exercise and good eating will sort out. I've learnt, however, to accept the fact that I'm curvier and in turn I've learnt to appreciate other curvier females and adore their strong looking physiques that often take that hourglass or pear shape that we're so fond of in this day and age.

2. Take Into Account Those Compliments You Receive From Others (Particularly Your Loved Ones):

There is nothing better than hearing those wonderful words spoken about your body regardless of the situation you're in whether that's with clothes, without clothes, with minimal clothing - I mean, we all know that being in a bikini is a little bit of a test for our inner confidence as I mentioned in my last post, but hearing compliments from others can make you feel less self-conscious so you can truly enjoy the moment. I think this is where the improvement in my outlook changed over the last year because, although I'm aware that I'm not fully in shape and a few workout sessions may be required, I had people around me that would build up my confidence and encourage me to become a healthier version of myself both mentally and physically, instead of putting me down. This year I've tried not to put too much emphasis or importance on the little bit of chubbiness that I have here and there because I just want to enjoy myself rather than constantly focus on what I look like.

3. Know What You Love, Love What You Know:

It's so easy to pick apart what you dislike, or in some cases, hate or loathe about yourself and wish you could change for the sake of your sanity. I have found that the less I focus on the specifics of my body shape, the easier things feel. I choose to see my body as a whole and like the fact that, "okay I may have bigger hips, which may need a little work, but I have a small waist that I absolutely love to show off". I guess it's taking the good with the so-called "bad", it never comes without its challenges but it can be so worth it in the long run - that feeling of having one less thing to worry about is amazing! You can just be you.

I find it so incredibly tricky to stop myself from writing those huge cliches that make us roll our eyes in the "for-goodness-sake-I've-heard-this-all-before" kind of way. I too have stumbled across endless articles that have told me to love my body whatever shape or size it may be but we all know it's true and that as long as you're happy and healthy, what does anything else matter?

You're never going to stop liking another person's body, you'd be crazy to think otherwise but it's what you choose to do with those thoughts that matters most! You can choose to give them power and feed them so that they morph into envious glances and constant nit-picking at your own flesh and blood or you can appreciate what you've seen, move on and return to noticing something that you like about yourself. Negative thinking is a habit so break that habit, have a few slip-ups because you're human but inevitably lead yourself onto a path that exudes positivity and overwhelming happiness. Now that's the kind of life I like!

Let me know in the comment section down below your tips for overcoming body insecurities and accepting who you are!


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