Thursday 24 October 2019

Should Self Care Be A Selfless Act?

Blogtober Day Eighteen
Hey lovelies!

I was scrolling through my Pinterest today and found that my 'Self Care' board had only one pin in it so I decided to do what any normal person would've done and hopped onto the 'More Ideas' option to start finding new inspiring images to add!

I don't know about you but I love self care days or self care sessions for that matter, if I'm not able to have a whole day of it, but there seems to be this unspoken notion that by indulging in self care you are being selfish. Personally this is an extreme way to look at it and yet it is a very real and very genuine emotion that we all experience from time to time as we struggle to balance our day-to-day life.

I have found that on the occasions where I have participated in some self care time for myself, I finish feeling as though I will face some negativity from others because my little ritual may have taken too long or just been planned for a bad time in the day. One important thing to know about me is that I am someone who hates to disappoint and it can always be a tough call for me if I want to spontaneously have some time to myself. I don't want and nor do I like to step on anyone's toes, even if I have this "oh well, I need to look after myself right now" kind of attitude.

So my question to you is: should we schedule our self care time in accordance with other people's days (specifically those that we live with) or does this defeat the whole point of SELF care? Just to clear things up, those that I live with have absolutely no problem with me looking after myself and this question is coming more from my own inner guilt rather than what others have to say. I can tell some of you may be reading this thinking, who cares what other people think, you do you and look after yourself! Yeah...I don't find it that easy haha!

In all honesty, I would love to be able to adopt various self care challenges over the next few months so that I can enhance my life but I am very aware of my need to look after others and to fit things around or in accordance with events that will be taking place in the near future. If you have any advice or some general words of wisdom, let me hear them in the comment section down below and I will be oh-so-grateful!


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  1. So planned self care.. Strategy against nefarious forces like husbands of ill repute
    1 wen the kids are playing.. Protected and safe
    You get hubby to watch them at least 1 hour or twice each day.. After breakfast and after lunch or dinner.. 6 days a week
    Then ur hour after break..
    Meditation.. 1 hour
    Same after lunch or dinner
    Set alarm for 1 am.. 4 am then 7 am.. Before the house is awake
    Meditation 3 hours those times.. Consistency is only achieved with self discipline or modern phone alarm.. Patience.. Unknot the knot of programmer.. Movies are beliefs.. Movies play in our head constantly.. Like bad advertising or alf the alien reruns.. So each ten out breaths.. Count 1 until 10..start at 1 again.. Yes!! Each second ten count.. Watch the movies.. Bad adverts.. Who is perceivin that programming?! Next ten count.. Calmness is hear the counting.. Both.. Breath.. Awareness
    The secret is disidentification.. Drop identity.. Drop the trance movies.. Drop the beliefs of decades.. DISIDENTIFY.. Count each out breath.. Who is perceivin the movie..? Who is hearing the counting..? Who is perceivin the experience of that?? 🙏 👨‍🎓 What is that meaning to my life..?? Love or fear.. Anxiety or bliss.. Who is feeling that sensation..?
    Then u can merely say.. Pain.. Or noticing.. Or sensation.. Simple blandness of the label reduced u reactions and attachment.. I am noticing?? Example
    Seeking the heart of wisdom by kornfeld and goldstein.. Shambhala publishers.. Get with amazon..! 🙏 🙏 😍