Wednesday 23 October 2019

Have We Just Witnessed The Death Of The Nude Lipstick?

Blogtober Day Seventeen
Hey lovelies!

Nude lipstick used to be this must-have product about a year ago but as time has progressed I have seen less and less of it on social media, in magazines and in makeup ads on TV. We are now spoilt for choice when it comes to lipsticks that challenge the lengths and depths of bold colour play and we are diverting at an ever exceeding pace towards the red lipstick.

Red lipstick has almost become a symbol. We are now powerhouses whenever we wear red on our lips, we are effortlessly chic, oh-so-put-together and all in all huge doting fans of this product in its varying hues. We draw on some eyeliner or put the most simple eyeshadow on our eyes and once upon a time a nude lipstick would've satisfied our craving for the "perfect makeup look", but it would seem that we are no longer appeased by lipstick on the other hand? Now that is something we may be onboard with!

You may have seen that in a few of my posts here and here, I am completely obsessed by the look that a red lip product gives me and for some reason I get so many more compliments when I feature it in a makeup look. I'm not sure if it's the bold shade of red or the fact that I don't wear it all that often but it certainly catches the eye of many admirers.

Now if you're sitting there thinking that you could never pull off red lipstick then I challenge you to take a step back, do a quick search of red lipsticks, find the right shade for you and try it on because you may surprise yourself. Personally I think that it's as easy as just finding the right shade for you because what suits one doesn't always suit another.

I think you'll find that the red lipstick is the equivalent of the nude lipstick in many respects and this is primarily due to the variety of shades on offer. A nude lipstick that is too light compared to your skin colour can give you the appearance of a lipless face but a nude lipstick too dark can make you look quite pale. Similarly, a red lipstick too light for your complexion can wash you out whilst a red lipstick too dark can make your features look harsher.

Nevertheless, before you run off to go buy your own perfect shade of red, be sure to leave me a comment down below letting me know if you think that the nude lipstick trend has died and if we have officially entered into a world where red lipstick will now rule all!


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