Autumn Self Care

Hey lovelies!

Self care is a VERY important thing in life and whether you choose to see the little things that give you some "you time" away from others or that make you you feel better as self care, it just makes me happy knowing that at least you're doing it!

I was recently involved in a Twitter blogger chat on GRLPOWR CHAT with Beka Laing as the host, and was intrigued by the topic: mental health. This is by no means a strange topic for a blogger chat but evidently one that needs to be talked about. Some of you are probably sick of hearing about mental health and whilst I understand that there can be a lot of generalising of symptoms and a frustratingly casual throwing around of words such as "depression", it affects so many people and is something that does not discriminate.

I believe that self care is more than just aimlessly watching a movie by yourself here and there or buying yourself some food that you like. Self care is doing something with the intention of benefiting your health and well-being, either mentally, physically or emotionally even if it's not all at the same time. Your mind and body deserve to be soothed and improved! So, the more you find something that can genuinely make you happy in that moment or that can give you a break from the stresses and worries of life, the better you will feel both inside and out.

Today's post is about helping you to find what works for YOU. I want to help in any way that I can and if that means simply serving you with a reminder to look after yourself or being more proactive by providing you with some ideas on what you could do then that's what I'll do! I can just be your starting point and after that, it's all you! Self care doesn't always have to be this scary forced thing but at the start, you need to be a little more conscious of what you're doing to help your mental health and physical health before it becomes solid and second nature.

I've split up self care into three separate areas as listed before: mental, physical and emotional. The first and last may sound very similar to one another but they both encompass slightly different tasks as you'll see in a minute. I have included five activities for each section to get you started but if you want some more ideas then feel free to check out Blogtober Day Two where I review a 30 day self care challenge created by Balanced Fit Mama Bird.



- Journal it up and write about how you're feeling
- Write a gratitude list
- Read a self help book
- Light some candles/switch on some fairylights and meditate
- Pick up a colouring book and be a kid again


- Get stretching and moving with some yoga
- Take a walk and get some fresh air
- Go for a run and pound out any anger on the ground
- Take up a new sport, one that's different to your usual type
- Take on a mini fitness challenge to keep you fit and focused


- Call someone you love/trust to get some emotional support
- Watch a film you can relate to in that moment
- Make a playlist for every mood and sing or dance your heart out!
- Find someone you love and have a cuddle session with blankets and your favourite TV show
- Put on some music and get cooking/baking your favourite foods

There you go my lovelies! Hopefully I've given you some ideas on how to make your life a little better and a little easier today! No one likes to feel down or as if they have no where to turn so, if you ever need to talk, I'm only a message away! Feel free to talk to me in the comment section down below too and let me know your favourite methods of self care. Love to you all! 💖


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